Polonius is a fount of insight, misunderstood for centuries due to the ill treatment he received by that hack of playwright named Shakespeare (who, in not unrelated news, engaged in the worst kind of historical revision), and by millions of self-righteous high school teachers.

This blog is Polonius' chance at redemption, wherein he will generously share his penetrating judgment on just about any topic (except the ostensible shapes of clouds -- he's learned his lesson on that one, my friends!).


  • Hometown - Elsinore, Denmark
  • Born - 1409
  • Hobbies - Hiding behind curtains, crafting witticisms, engaging in illicit non sequitur
  • Favorite Quote - "To thy own self be true" -Polonius (that's right, he's quoting himself...to his own self he is being true)


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Polonius loves to share his vast and dizzying wisdom with all who have the foresight to listen, being in such cases willing (or rather eager, even) to pontificate on just about any topic under the sun, although (of course) as it turns out, saying one is under the sun is a bit of a scientific blunder and should not be taken to mean that Polonius does not understand astronomy. In fact, he understands it quite well in so much as it involves such dynamics as expansion, contraction, rotation, and orbital motion, and etc. So. Drop him a note to say 'Hello' or to suggest a topic or to heap praise upon him.

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